Zechariah 1                   (*1)  (*2)  (*3)  

                                Historical detail from division of the land under Joshua to exile of Israel

                                into Babylon.

        Zechariah 2                (*1)  (*2)

                                Rebuilding of temple and cities. Vision of horns and horncutters.

        Zechariah 3                (*1)

                                Chapter 2.  Vision of measuring line.  Times of the Gentiles. 

                                Second  Advent.

        Zechariah 4               

                                Chapter 3.  Vision of the High Priest.  Jesus had to come to die

                                Picture of Salvation through Jesus

        Zechariah 5                (*1)  (*2)

                                Chapter 4.  Vision of Menorah (lampstand) and 2 olive trees

                                Symbolism involved.  Two fulfilments - in Zerubbabel's time

                                and in the church era.  Great Tribulation

        Zechariah 6               

                                Chapter 5. Vision of the flying scroll and its meaning.  Vision of

                                the woman in a basket and its meaning.  The Great Tribulation

        Zechariah 7                (*1)  (*2)  (*3)

                                Chapter 6.  Vision of the 4 chariots.  Great Tribulation.  Joshua,

                                a type of Jesus.  Jesus will built the temple of the Lord

        Zechariah 8               

                                Chapter 7.  Fasting needs to be coupled with obedience and

                                justice.  Prophecy of scattering of the Jews after 70 AD.  Chapter

                                8.  Millenium foretold.  Children of Israel brought back from the

                                diaspora in belief in Millenium .  Perfect conditions in Millenium.

        Zechariah 9                (*1)  (*2)  (*3) 

                                Chapter 9.  Prophecies of judgement on nations opposed to Israel

                                2nd Advent.  God's care for Israel

        Zechariah 10                (*1)  (*2)

                                Chapter 10.  God's blessings on Israel.  He will scatter then bring

                                them back to their land, first in unbelief before the Great Tribulation

                                and second in belief in the Millenium.  Chapter 11. Judgement on all

                                people in the Great Tribulation.  2 staffs broken - blessings withdrawn

                                from Israel and Judah and unity between them broken.  Judgement

                                on Antichrist.

        Zechariah 11                (*1)

                                Chapter 12.  Details of Campaign of Armageddon.  2nd Advent

        Zechariah 12                (*1)

                                Chapter 13.  National cleansing and regeneration of Israel at 2nd Advent.

                                Unbelievers removed.  All left  after Great Tribulation are believers.

        Zechariah 13                (*1)  (*2)  (*3)

                                Chapter 14.  Battle around Jerusalem.  Jesus victorious.  Removal of

                                unbelievers.  Baptism of Fire. Believers baptised in the Holy Spirit.

                                Jerusalem lifted up.  Feast of Tabernacles compulsive in Millenium.          


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