The Temple Series

This series examines the need and symbolism of all the parts of the Tabernacle and the various Temples built from the time of Solomon to the time of Jesus.  It continues with the New Testament fulfilment of Jesus as the Temple and believers as the temple of the Holy Spirit.  In all parts of this series, The Spirit Filled Life Bible (New King James Version) was used.

TT 1           The Need    Handout

TT 2           The Altar of Burnt Offering    Handout

TT 3           The Laver    Handout

TT 4           The House of God    Handout

TT 5           Inside the House of God    Handout

TT 6           The Holy of Holies    Handout

TT 7           Solomon's Temple    Handout

TT 8           Details of Solomon's Temple    Handout

TT 9           Furniture of Solomon's Temple    Handout

TT 10          First & Second Temples    Handout

TT 11          Part a      Part b    Herod's Temple    Handout

TT 12          Jesus the real temple    Handout

TT 13          How Jesus replaced the temple in His ministry on earth

TT 14          We are the temple

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