Song of Solomon Series

There are many beautiful teachings based on this book.  The teachings are often supported by other areas of the Bible but many are not supported by this book.  It is a beautiful book and its true interpretation is glorious. In all parts of this series, the Authorised King James version of the Bible was used.

Click on Part a or Part b to listen to the study (it will open in a new window so that you can click on the handouts whilst listening to the study).  Click on (*number) to view the accompanying handout.

Handouts for whole series    (*1)    (*2)

SS 1    Part a      Part b    Chapter 1   

SS 2    Part a      Part b    Chapter 2

SS 3    Part a     Chapter 3

SS 4    Part a     Chapter 4   

SS 5    Part a      Part b    Chapter 5   

SS 6    Part a     Chapter 6   

SS 7    Part a     Chapter 7   

SS 8    Part a      Part b    Chapter 8   

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