The Sunday Sermons

This page is a collection of the Sunday Sermons.  Each week the sermon will be posted onto this page.

No. 1      Entitled 'Glory',  based on 2 Corinthians 3:4-18 & Luke 9:28-36

No. 2       Entitled 'Healing', based on Mark 1:40-45,Matt 8:16-17, Is 53:1-5

No.3       "The Lord turned and looked at Peter.......Peter went out and wept bitterly", based on John 13:1-17,

               Luke 22:24-34

No.4       Entitled 'Hearing from God', based on Amos 3:1, 1 Cor 14:1-5

No.5       Entitled "My peace I give to you", based on John 14:15-31

No.6      Entitled "Carried on God's shoulders" based on Luke 15:1-7

No.7       Entitled "The Nazarite" Numbers 6:1-21

No.8       Entitled "Love never fails", based on 1 Cor 13:1-13

No.9       Entitled "The power of declarations", based on Jam 3:1-12

No.10      Entitled "Life with Abundance", based on John 9.1-10.21

No.11      Entitled "Slaying the giants", based on 1 Sam 17:1-58

No.12      Entitled "Temple of Holy Spirit", based on 2 Chron 3:1-17,1 Cor 3:9-17

No.13      Entitled "Temple of Holy Spirit 2", based on Lev 21.17-24,1Kings 8.1-13

No.14      Entitled "Preparation for warfare", based on Eph 6.10-20,2 Corinthians 10.1-6

No.15      Entitled "Call of God", based on 1 Peter 2:1-10, Exodus 19:1-13

No.16      Entitled "Christmas", based on Matt 1.18-25, Lev 23.33-44

No.17       Entitled "A rest for the people of God", based on Ps 132, Heb 3.16-4.16

No.18      Entitled "All I can do is pray", based on Eph 6:10-18, 2 Kings 6:8-23

No.19      Entitled 'I am ready to perform My Word', based on Ex 25,31-40, Jer 1.4-19

No.20      Entitled 'I give you authority over all the power of the enemy', based on Matthew 10.5-39

No.21      Entitled 'For My holy name's sake', based on Ezekiel 36. 6-28 and Ezekiel 37. 1-14

No.22      Entitled 'Perfect love casts out fear', based on Ps 112, 2 Tim 1.6-7, 1 John 4.17-18

No.23      Entitled 'to obey is better than sacrifice', based on 1 Sam 15:10-31, John 15:12-27

No.24      Entitled 'His Love has been perfected in us', based on 1 John 2.1-11,1 John 4.7-19

No.25      Entitled "The Great Commission", based on Mark 16:14-20,Luke 24:44-49

No.26      Entitled "There is only one olive tree", based on Romans 11: 1-32

No.27      Entitled "Nabal. The fool", based on 1 Sam 25: 1-19, Ecclesiastes 5: 1-7

No.28      Entitled "...perfect and complete, lacking nothing...", based on James 1: 1-18

No.29      Entitled "Godly living", based on Ephesians 4: 17 - 32

 No.30        Salvation Army Citadel, Boscombe 'Passover to Pentecost'

No.31       Entitled "Passover week", based on Numbers 21: 4 - 9, Gal 2: 11 - 20

No.32       Entitled 'The glory revealed in us' based on Rom 8:18-39, 2 Cor 4:7-17

No.33       Entitled 'The Power of Holiness', based on 2 Tim 3; 2 Tim 2:1-6

No.34       Entitled 'Ascribe greatness to our God', based on Ps 29, Gen 7:1-5

No.35       Entitled 'Possessing the land', based on Deut 1:34-46, Gen 50:22-26

No.36       Entitled 'Faith's warfare', based on Rev 12:7-11;Dan 10:1-13

No.37      Entitled 'God appears to be silent', based on Deut:5:23-33, Heb 1:1-4

No.38      Entitled "Be patient", based on James 5:7-20, Romans 5:1-4

No.39      Entitled "Suffering", based on Job 23:1-17, Acts 17:1-4, Phil 1:27-30, Romans 8:31-39    

No.40      Entitled 'Principle of double portion', based on 2 Kings 2:1-15, 1 Cor 12:12-25

No.41      Entitles 'Is God silent?', based on Amos 3:1-8,Ps 25:1-15, 1 Cor 14

No.42      Entitled 'The power of the Word', based on 2 Tim 3:10-17, 2 Peter 1:16-21

No,43      Entitled 'Be patient and persevere', based on James 4:1-17, Rev 3:7-13

No.44      Entitled 'Total dependency on God'; based on Deut 6:1-19, Ex 17:1-7

No.45      Entitled 'Antidote for worry' based on Matt 6:25-34, Phil 4:4-8

No.46      Entitled 'Hope is waiting', based on Lamentations 3: 1 - 38

No.47      Entitled 'Trials and maturity', based on James 1

No.48      Entitled 'Spirit of a sound mind', based on Acts 1:1-8. Eph 4:17-24

No.49      Entitled 'Jewish Festivals', based on Eph 5:1 - 17      

No.50      Entitled 'Truth or Reality', based on 2 Tim2:1-13, 1JOHN 5:1-5,rOMANS 8:31-37

No.51      Entitled 'Be comforted', based on Psalm 139

No.52      Entitled 'Jesus meets us where we are.', based on John 21:1-19

No.53      Entitled 'Walk in love', based on Ephesians 5:1-21

No.54      Entitled 'Jesus the Centre of everything', based on Philippians 3:1-16

No.55     Entitled 'Taming the tongue'; based on James 3:1-18

No.56     Entitles 'Knowing God's will'; based on Prov 3:1-6, Joshua1:1-9

No.57      Entitled 'Bringing to maturity'. based on Deut 31:30 - 32:12, Ps 17:1-4

No.58     Entitled 'Law of Divine Reciprocity', based on Ecclesiates 11:1-10

No.59      Entitled 'The True Miracle of Christmas', Based on Hebrews 9:1-15


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