Rehabilitation Series

There is a chorus to an old hymn which says, ‘From sinking sands, He lifted me.  With tender hands, He lifted me.  From shades of night to plains of light, oh, praise His Name, He lifted me.’ We progress from darkness to light in our Christian life and the process is designed by God, following basic principles for each one;- repentance, salvation, adoption, baptisms, growth of faith and death of self, leading ultimately to maturity and total victory.  In all parts of this series, The Spirit Filled Life Bible (New King James Version) was used.

Click on RH1 to listen to the study (it will open in a new window so that you can click on the handouts whilst listening to the study).  Click on (*number) to view the accompanying handout.

Handouts for whole series    (*1)    (*2)    (*3)

RH 1      Listen here    A Body For Jesus

RH 2      Part a   Part b    Maintaining Unity

RH 3      Part a   Part b   Part c    Our Weapons and Strategy

RH 4      Part a   Part b    Ready to Grow

RH 5      Listen here    Accommodating Unbelievers    (*1)

RH 6      Part a   Part b    Growing Up in Christ    (*1)

RH 7      Part a   Part b    Needs of The Body    (*1)

RH 8      Part a   Part b    Gradual Death of Self

RH 9      Part a   Part b    Growth in Faith

RH 10    Part a   Part b    Releasing Victory.  Part 1    (*1)    (*2)

RH 11    Part a   Part b    Releasing Victory.  Part 2    (*1)

RH 12    Part a    Victory Consciousness    (*1)

RH 13    Part a   Part b    Pulling Down Strongholds

RH 14    Part a   Part b    Why Us?

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