Jewish Festivals Series

These festivals were instituted by God in the Old Testament.  They were given to the nation of Israel.  The significance of these festivals then and now is studied for each festival and conclusions reached as to who should or should not now be keeping them.  In some cases, the question arises if it is possible to fulfil the instructions for the festival or if an adaptation is possible or appropriate. In all parts of this series, The Spirit Filled Life Bible (New King James Version) was used.

Click on Part a or Part b or Part c to listen to the study (it will open in a new window so that you can click on the handouts whilst listening to the study.  Click on Handout to view the accompanying handout.

JF 1    Listen here       Passover  ("Pesach")    (*1) ,(*2)

JF 2    Listen here    Pentecost  ("Feast of Weeks")    Handout

JF 3    Part a    Part b    Day of Atonement  ("Yom Kippur")    Handout

JF 4    Part a    Part b    Feast of Tabernacles  ("Succoth")    Handout

JF 5    Part a    Part b    Feast of Dedication  ("Hanukkah")

JF 6    Part a    Part b    Feast of Esther (Purim)    Handout

JF 7    Listen here       Sabbath    (*1)

JF 8    Part a    Part b    What do the Festivals mean to Us? (Conclusion)    Handout

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