Healing Series

Healing is a very divisive topic.  There are many who have not been healed, who will declare that, ‘God does not heal’ while many others who have been miraculously healed will declare that, ‘God stills heals today as He did in Jesus’ earthly ministry.’  This series does not teach anyone’s experience but explores the truths of God’s Word on healing.  In parts 1 to 7 of this series, the Authorised King James version of the Bible was used and in part 8 The Spirit Filled Life Bible (New King James Version) was used.

H 1    Part a    Part b    God's Plan of Redemption and Restoration    Handout

H 2    Part a    Part b    God's Purpose for Mankind    Handout

H 3    Part a    Part b     Training in Dominion

H 4    Part a    Part b    Our Inheritance as Christians

H 5    Part a    Part b    Healing of Soul    Handout

H 6    Part a    Part b    Healing of Body    Handout

H 7    Part a    Part b    Perfect Health    Handout

H 8    Part a    Part b    The Lord's Supper    Handout

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